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Our mission is dedicated to helping Mother Ocean heal,   while simultaneously "adding more fins in the water" to help advance and multiply current  Ecological and Humanitarian Scuba Diving efforts at sea.


By sponsoring divers fees with these varied causes. We strive to make these opportunities more accessible to the public and to provide disabled divers with the necessary resources to utilize Scuba Diving as a powerful method of physical and mental therapy for their injuries and conditions.


What insurance companies wont pay for, we will. 

To achieve this noble goal, we organize varied  fundraising events that contribute to the financial support of local ecological and humanitarian Scuba Diving projects. Through strategic partnerships with reputable dive charters , shops and marine research institutions, we amplify our reach and reinforce our commitment to fostering positive change in the underwater world. 

Envision the transformative influence on our ecosystems if every diver could partake in these extraordinary, life-changing ecological and humanitarian diving experiences globally.


Participating in one of these remarkable diving expeditions will revolutionize your perspective on recreational diving forever. Our personal experiences bear testament to this profound transformation that continues to shape our unwavering dedication.

So, what have you done for Mother Ocean today?


We’re a  community of Aquatic Super Heroes, inspired by a collective passion for cleaning up, restoring damaged or decaying coral, protecting and preserving our Mother Ocean, beaches, reefs, and native habitats. 


- Coral Reef Restoration

- Reef Clean Up's

- Lion Fish Hunting

- Turtle Rescue

- Scuba Therapy for Adaptive Divers

- Shark Tagging

- Education


101425 Overseas Highway #115

Key Largo, FL 33037

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