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Mother Ocean Fund is dedicated to advancing both Ecological & Humanitarian Scuba Diving efforts at sea. Our community of scuba divers organizes ecological-friendly music festivals and farmer’s markets at a local beach to raise funds for an initiative close to our heart;  adding  “more fins in the water” to multiply current Coral Reef Restoration, Pier/Reef Cleanups, Shark Tagging, Lion Fish Hunting etc. as well as funding Disabled Scuba Diving at sea.


We call 'em...





Join the Mother Ocean Fund team and a whole host of passionate scuba divers as we come together to heal Mother Ocean. This unique event isn’t just about diving – it’s about celebrating our community and having a great time while making a real difference.

EcoPalooza features something for everyone, including a fantastic farmers market where you can sample local produce, as well as live music that will have you dancing the day away on the beach. But that’s not all – every dollar raised at EcoPalooza goes towards adding more fins in the water, helping to advance current Ecological & Humanitarian Scuba Diving efforts at sea.

The Mother Ocean Fund is a growing force in environmental and humanitarian stewardship, and we’re proud to bring people of all ages together through advocacy, education, conservation awareness, and celebration!. So come join us for a day of fun, community, and making a real difference. See you at EcoPalooza!

Where Our Fundraising Goes...


We’re a  community of Aquatic Super Heroes, inspired by a collective passion for cleaning up, restoring damaged or decaying coral, protecting and preserving our Mother Ocean, beaches, reefs, and native habitats. 


- Coral Reef Restoration

- Reef Clean Up's

- Lion Fish Hunting

- Turtle Rescue

- Scuba Therapy for Adaptive Divers

- Shark Tagging

- Education


101425 Overseas Highway #115

Key Largo, FL 33037

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