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Volunteer Divers Needed!!!!!!

As you can imagine, our organization has various moving parts, both on land and at sea, which rely on trusted, reliable, professional hands to keep it all running smoothly,  From Brand Ambassadors to Scuba Divers, we need volunteers every step of the way to deliver on our mission. 

Is that you?

We are only looking for mature, trustworthy, responsible individuals who love Mother Ocean, as much as we do.   Who to,  are open to growing with us as we look from within to promote. So your noble effort now can eventually turn into a full-time paying gig.  We work with all school programs to help get you the credits you need for graduation. So if you are interested, in an exciting new opportunity to help Mother Ocean Heal, register below.

Thank you!

Register Here!

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We’re a  community of Aquatic Super Heroes, inspired by a collective passion for cleaning up, restoring damaged or decaying coral, protecting and preserving our Mother Ocean, beaches, reefs, and native habitats. 


- Coral Reef Restoration

- Reef Clean Up's

- Lion Fish Hunting

- Turtle Rescue

- Scuba Therapy for Adaptive Divers

- Shark Tagging

- Education


101425 Overseas Highway #115

Key Largo, FL 33037

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